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All you need to know about the First Date:

Dating is never easy. There are so many things that need to be accounted for. You have to not only take care that the impression you set for your self is a good one for subsequent dates but also ensure that both of you have a good time. The first date is possibly the most important aspect if you are really interested in him or her. It is not about expensive dinners or really extravagant plans but about making sure you provide an experience that is unforgettable. For this, it is required to know the person you are taking out. It is important to do what he or she likes rather than what you like. Remember the first date is not about you. And moreover it is also important that you do not focus on YOU. First dates are where you can actually display your selflessness and put forward your best foot.

Sounds difficult? But it really is not. The fact is that your date would want you to be yourself. But being yourself means also ensuring that you are able to display yourself in your very best behavior. It is also important to not be tense. The one thing that can be a huge turn off is the nervousness and the anxiety that becomes obvious from your body language. Your date would much rather see a more relaxed and calmer side of you. Try heavy breathing in and out before the actual date. Also, remember to be on time. Punctuality is important. It indicates that you are looking forward to the date without being too eager or too laid back.

The thing about dating is that it has a lot of rules. And it is not possible to know about all the rules and guidelines. There is only so much time we can give but once you get over the first three dates, you can start being yourself without worrying much about first impressions. This is why the first date becomes imperative. It lays down a foundation based on which all subsequent dates follow. So, the next time you plan to take some one out it does not matter whether you go to a fancy restaurant or your local pizza place, it is the good time both have that is most essential. So just sit back, relax and have fun!


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